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Franz Hopper Teacher Evaluation

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Franz Hopper Teacher Evaluation Empty Franz Hopper Teacher Evaluation

Post by Atlas on Fri Jun 22, 2012 9:57 pm

Name: Franz Hopper
Age: 54
Sex: M

Previous Job(s):
Chemist at IGMDP Industries

Notable Accomplishment(s):
Masters Degree in Chemistry
Recommendation from Past Employer

Evaluation Notes:

Mr. Hopper seems like a perfect candidate for our opening in the Science Department. He was a pleasurable enough man to talk to and he seems to be more than acceptably versed in the subjects we'll need him to teach. On top of that he is prepared to step into the job immediately if we need it.

As for the man himself, he seems to keep to himself a lot. Natural given that he seems to have been divorced from his wife which was surely a painful experience. He says he has a daughter but we haven't met yet. Overall he seems kind of distant, but considering his life that is pretty normal. He should work just fine with the kids so there is no concern there.

Of note though is that the contact for his previous employer doesn't seem to work. Apparently, they have gone out of business and it has become impossible to find his contact. On top of that, we had a little trouble finding his diploma, but that seemed to fix itself when it decided to show up one day. Kind of odd, but fortunate considering that diploma is a very big plus for Mr. Hopper. Mr.Hopper should be a fine addition to Kadic Academy, and I look forward to meeting him as a colleague.

Mr. Hans Klotz

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