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Sector Competition Overview + Q&A

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Sector Competition Overview + Q&A  Empty Sector Competition Overview + Q&A

Post by Atlas Fri Mar 15, 2013 9:13 pm

Welcome to the Sector Competitions, where you'll pit yourself in fierce competition for great prizes! I'll be your host Atlas and this section is to get you settled in and aware of how all of it works.

What are the Sector Competitions?
- The Sector Competitions, or SCs for short, are a unique competition that Xana's Lair offers to its users. In it, you'll join a team and compete in various activities as you attempt to win prizes throughout the season. The Sector Competitions offers free to join Sectors as well as more intricate custom teams where you can customize your own zone in the site.

How do SCs work?
- The SCs has 4 seasons a year, with 3 months in each season. Within each month has two weekly challenges and one monthly challenge with two weeks off in that time. Each challenge is different, but you'll get the instructions on how to complete them when they are posted.

Through these challenges, you earn Season Points. Season Points are used to determine rankings and ultimately who wins the Season. At the end of the Season, your sector/team will receive rewards based on ranking and # of Season Points. Prizes are equally distributed among the members of each team/sector.

How do I join a team/sector?
- The SCs have two default sectors, the Desert and Mountain Sector, that you can join at anytime. To join either of those two sectors, you need only post in the "Desert/Mountain Recruitment" thread in the Supercomputer. You'll be added into their roster at the nearest break time, which is in either of the two weeks within each month. You are free to join and leave any teams during those breaks.

To join a custom team is slightly more complicated. Custom teams are allowed to enlist their members based on whatever criteria the Team/Sector Founder wishes. They are still subject to the rules of the forum.

Of course, you can always just start your own custom team. To do this, post in the "Enlist My Team" thread in the Supercomputer. I, Atlas, will confirm your team's eligibility and with the payment of 10 CP you'll be allowed to enter your team into the Season.

How does a team/sector work?
- When you join a team/sector we'll register your entry into their team. Once that is complete (and we'll usually let you know when that is) you should be able to see your team/sector's hidden subforum underneath the Supercomputer.

Once you're in there, each team/sector is different in terms of actual content but you can treat it as a forum within XL just for your members. Kind of like that tree house you had when you were a kid :> .

Can I still talk to other teams' members?
- Yes of course. The SCs is only one part of the forum so there's no need to swear blood oaths unless you want to :p.


Of course, if you have any more questions I encourage you to add them in this topic and I'll get to them as soon as I can.
In the meantime, I'll see you in the Competitions!

Your Ruler Altas

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